Order Tracking

Generally, your products are shipped within 15 business days (there may be exceptions for especially large events, where the timeline may be longer out of processing timeline necessity, and if our travel takes us out of the country), counting from the first business day after your respective event (or, if you order post-event, 15 business days from the date on which you place your order). Please remember that weekends and holidays are not business days. Please refer to your receipt, provided at the time of purchase, for exact shipping timeline.

This timeline is necessary for accurate and quality production of your products. Each DVD-ROM/USB Drive takes on average of 1.5 hours per to sort, burn, label, package and ship, resulting in an average of 60-90 hours of processing of DVD/USB’s alone (not including the time required for all of our print processing) from each event (or 1.5 to 2 weeks of straight work).  The sheer quantity of photos we provide, the file sizes we provide (full resolution) and our intensive work travel schedule makes our timeline longer than some of our competitors. We like to say that like all things, you get what you pay for and quality takes time.

We can only provide a “Shipped By” date, but, unfortunately, we cannot determine the time it takes for the US Postal Service to deliver our products to your door. Generally, an order arrives at your shipping address within 5 actual calendar days from the 15th business day.


IMPORTANT:  Please check the calendar before contacting us as to the status of your order, as we cannot reply to status requests for orders still within the promised shipping timeline (15 business days, as noted above). All customers sign our sales agreement, agreeing to this timeline, at the time of purchase. Additionally, our timeline is denoted on all order forms and receipts. Unfortunately, time taken responding to premature order status requests simply delays the processing of customer orders.


To track an order (we can only do this after 15 business days or the specified due date as on the receipt provided at time of purchase,  from date of order + 7 normal days for the mail to get to you), please email us the following information to the email address listed below.


Note: We cannot provide actual shipment tracking unless you requested Second Day or Overnight shipping, as all standard orders are shipped normal US First Class Mail, unless you requested otherwise. We can, however, advise as to when you order was shipped.


- Name as written on Order Form, Event Name, Event Date


Send to the following email address:   orders@sidelinesportsphotography.com