If you didn’t make it into our mobile sales trailer at the event or forgot to finalize your order, you can still order a USB/DVD-ROM of all of your photos from the event. Print orders can still also be made, as long as you have the file number(s) of the photograph(s) you wish to order.


ORDERING A USB/DVD - To order a USB/DVD ($10 surcharge for USB) of all of your images, please email the following information to us in the body of the email:  Name, Address, Event Name, Event Date, Group(s) Run In, Number On Car or Motorcycle, Any Identifiers Or Items that make your vehicle more recognizable to us. Even pricing varies on the type of event you were at, so please contact us at order@sidelinesportsphotography.com for exact pricing. The average one day event disc averages 50-100 photos. Two and three day event discs average 100-250. Tailgating, bad weather, missed or red-flagged sessions, etc, will obviously effect photo total on your disc.


ORDERING PRINTS - If you would like to order prints, we will need the print size desired as well as the file number of the print(s) you wish to order. Our file numbers look like “MKS_1234.jpg” or “LMS_9876.jpg”. Essentially, we need the letter/number combo of the image you desire. Please also email the Print(s) Sizes, Model Info of the Vehicle (Brand, Model, Color), your Name, Address, Event Name, Event Date to us in order to verify the file info provided. 

NOTE - DVD’s, USB Drives, Photo Paper and Aluminum Prints are shipped separately and may arrive on different dates.

We apologize, but we do not host our images online for purchase, as the vast majority of our event sales are made in our mobile sale trailer and we simply do not receive enough post event requests to justify the time and hosting fees required. Please remember to visit our trailer at your events to order or at least to note the file numbers you desire so you can order later on.


            Standard Photo Paper Prints                                Aluminum Prints


            4x6 - $17*                                                                   8x12 - $70 *+ $10 shipping                         

            5x7 - $22*                                                                  11x17 - $125* + $13 shipping

            8x10/12 - $40*                                                           16x24 - $175* + $17 shipping

            11x14 - $65*                                                                20x30 - $225* + $25 shipping

            16x20 - $90*                                                              24x36 - $275* + $40 shipping

            16x24 - $100*                                                             30x40 - $325* + $50 shipping

            20x30 - $135*                                                             40x60 - $650* + $150 shipping

            24x36 - $165

            30x40 - $195*





* Shipping and Handling is $5 on all photo paper print and dvd orders (unlimited number of prints, USB drives, DVD’s, etc). Poster shipping (unlimited number of 11x14 and larger photo paper print) is $10.00. Aluminum printing pricing is size specific and denoted behind the pricing in the column above. NOTE: These prices are for shipping within the US. Shipping outside the US will be custom quoted.


You can email your credit card info (VISA, MC, Amex, Diners or Discover) to us with your order, or if you are concerned with the internet security of your credit card info, you can email your order info to us and phone your credit card info into our offices at (888)866-4219, mailbox #2. Please denote in your order email that you phoned the credit card info to us and we will finalize your order and charge you accordingly.


Email Orders to:  orders@sidelinesportsphotography.com



-  Overnight shipping is available at an additional charge. Contact us for pricing.


Fax # 866-515-5484


National Mailing Address:

Sideline Sports Photography, LLC

21042 W. Bittersweet Drive

Mundelein, IL 60060 USA

If you are mailing in your order, please note that we often travel for weeks and even months straight at a time. Accordingly, if you are mailing an order in, please notify us of your shipment via email to:   orders@sidelinesportsphotography.com


* - Sideline Sports Photography, LLC reserves the right to amend or change our pricing at any time without notice. We do not sell professional motorsports or professional race series photos to the general public.